Jot for Ink from Chase 2.200

Source:JPMorgan Chase

Meet Jot, the real-time, custom tagging, more time for business app.

**Jot is only available for Ink from Chase business card customers**

Track business expenses on-the-go and tag purchases with our FREE mobile app, Jot(SM). Created exclusively for Ink from Chase business customers, Jot can easily be customized to fit your business needs.

So, how does Jot work?

- Make a purchase with your Ink card, and you’ll receive an alert instantly. Tag the purchase with custom categories that you create. Customer name. Job number. Whatever makes sense for your business.

- Track what your employees are spending. Every employee. Every purchase. You can even change employee card spending limits in real-time.

- Create custom reports quickly and easily. Just log in to your Ink account at and download your purchase data to your favorite financial software.

If you don’t have an Ink from Chase business card or want to learn more about Jot, visit

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